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Photo analysis – Casper Schick’s Ash Creek Inn

One of the mystery pictures that has bothered us for a while is one of our grandfather sitting in a car in front of an inn, the Ash Creek Inn run by Casper Schick.  The photo can be seen below.  … Continue reading

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Graveyard dowsing – Does it work?

I’ve run into the topic of graveyard dowsing recently, most notably in Dick Eastman’s blog.  The idea is that someone can hold dowsing rods over a grave and have the rods cross seems to give the promise of a cost-efficient … Continue reading

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Putting your Information into Evernote Part 3 – At the Library

Evernote can be handy in a couple of ways when you are doing genealogical research at the library.  First, you have access to all the notes you have already saved.  More importantly, you can add what you learn to Evernote … Continue reading

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Brandon storage unit launches Massachusetts genealogy project |

This is a very cool story about a guy who bought the contents of an abandoned storage unit and found boxes full of family records, and now a friend of his is trying to find their owner or at least … Continue reading

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Identifying the location of a picture with city directories and Bing Maps

My sister sent me this photo from the family archives.  It wasn’t labeled, but we figured it was probably our great-grandfather Charles Menegay.  The trick was the figuring out where it was taken.  It was a few years before we … Continue reading

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What type of cousin are you?

One thing that is poorly understood in determining family relationships is cousinship.  In particular, what makes someone a first, second, or fifth cousin and what does once removed mean?  There are lots of cousin charts out on the Internet to … Continue reading

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The Boston University Genealogical Research Program

This past summer I took the Genealogical Research Program offered by Boston University over the Internet.  This is both the first genealogy class I have taken as well as the first course of any type I have taken on the Internet.  … Continue reading

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