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RootsMagic on the Mac with CrossOver Mac 11

I’ve written in the past about my switch from Family Tree Maker on Windows under Parallels to RootsMagic on the Mac using CrossOver.  I’m still happy I switched because I much prefer RootsMagic to FTM and things are faster running … Continue reading

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Age progression experiment

After writing about age progression of photographs yesterday, I thought I’d go ahead and try the Face Transformer on an ancestor to see how accurate it is.  To do this, I picked my grandfather: I uploaded the picture into The … Continue reading

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Age progression and genealogy

Today I read this article (Philadelphia man finds self on missing children’s website – about an adopted man who discovered that he had been a missing child.  He found this out when looking at age progression photos on  … Continue reading

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Arbitration Results Ruining Your Day?

Arbitration Results Ruining Your Day?. FamilySearch has written a helpful blog posting dealing with the issues around bad arbitration in their indexing program.  They haven’t solved all of the issues but they gave a straightforward explanation of what is going … Continue reading

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More on indexing the 1940 Census

I’m still helping to index the 1940 census and am enjoying it.  As I posted earlier, I’ve learned some things about 1940 and am glad to help the project.  I’ve since learned a few more things: While in an earlier … Continue reading

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Learning about 1940

I’ve been indexing 1940 Census records for about a week now and I’m finding I’m learning some things about the 1940s: There were lots of extended families.  I assume this is because in 1940 it was still the Depression.  Not … Continue reading

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FamilySearch Indexing

With the release of the 1940 census images this past week I thought I’d do my part and help with indexing.  I had done some indexing several years ago for’s World Archives Project and thought I’d try indexing again.  … Continue reading

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