RootsMagic on the Mac with CrossOver Mac 11

I’ve written in the past about my switch from Family Tree Maker on Windows under Parallels to RootsMagic on the Mac using CrossOver.  I’m still happy I switched because I much prefer RootsMagic to FTM and things are faster running under CrossOver Mac rather than Parallels.  There are some technical problems, but I can live with them.

One of the problems is that the windows still do not work right.  If I open up the record for a person and then open up one of the data items such as a birth event, the person’s record gets hidden behind the main RootsMagic screen.  I have to show all of the application Windows in Expose to get the person’s window back.  I wrote to Codeweavers, the makers of CrossOver Mac about this.  They said the issue is in the X11 window management that CrossOver uses.  They are working on a new version that will use the Mac window management which will hopefully fix this problem.  No release date, but I’m hoping it won’t take too long.

The other issue is upgrades of CrossOver.  I’m running CrossOver Office 10.2 but the current version is 11.0.3.  I’ve tried the upgrade but there is a fatal flaw in RootsMagic 5 when running under 11.0.3.  If I go to the Edit Source window for a fact and then view the media for it, I cannot close the edit source window after I have closed the media window.  I end up having to go to the Mac command line to kill the RootsMagic processes.  I wrote to Codeweavers support about this.  They pointed out that RootsMagic 5 is unsupported, which I knew.  Only RootsMagic 4 is supported by Codeweavers.  This is a case where things change and there isn’t much to be done about it.  I’m not really missing anything by staying at CrossOver Office 10.2, but it would be nice to be at the current version.

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2 Responses to RootsMagic on the Mac with CrossOver Mac 11

  1. I am hoping you can help. I am running Crossover 12.1.2 and RootsMagic Everytime I try to set my preferences for RootsMagic files (media, data, etc.) the program freezes, or I get an error message. Any suggestions? I’m new to Mac and so learning as I go…

    Lauren Mahieu

    • I had that problem too. The way I got around it was to type Windows path rather than selecting it from the file dialogue, so for example I ended up typing “C:\Konarski main Media” for the media. Your file will likely be somewhere other than the root of the C drive, though.

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