Evernote for Android adds helpful features for genealogists

One of the ways I use Evernote for genealogy is to take photos of books at the library and put them into my genealogy notebooks.  This puts them in a place where I can find them, and Evernote reads the words in the image and makes them searchable.  One tedious part of this, though, was that if I wanted to capture multiple pages of a book I would have to hit the camera icon, take the picture, accept it, hit the camera icon again, and so forth.  This was a slow procedure.  In the new Evernote 5 for Android they have added two great features to help with the process.  The first is the ability to take multiple pictures while in camera mode.  Now I can just go in and take as many pages of pictures as I need without restarting the camera.  The second feature is called page camera.  You line up the page you are photographing and take the picture.  Evernote then removes unneeded borders and does some basic cleanup.  This will make for nicer looking images.  All of this will apply to standalone documents too, of course.  You can check out the Evernote Blog for more details.

I’ll mention one other nice new feature.  If you use Evernote on the Mac you can have shortcuts to notebooks and folders so you can easily get to your current projects.  These shortcuts are now synced to your Evernote in Android.

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3 Responses to Evernote for Android adds helpful features for genealogists

  1. This sounds great. I will file the info away in the corner of my mind because I don’t yet have anything past a Blackberry.

  2. This worked for me once for book research. I took pictures of newspaper stacks because there was no way to photocopy them. Worked great except that I went way (way, way) over my space allotment. :D

    • Too late now, but the trick on that is to pay for the premium service for a month, take your photos, and then cancel after the month is up. Since you are measured on network traffic, not storage, you keep everything you scanned. I’d feel sort of bad suggesting how to game the system, but I got this from the Evernote execs themselves in a podcast.

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