Superscripts with Evernote

One of my favorite programs, for genealogy as well as other things is Evernote.  It has always had one shortcoming, though, which is that the computer versions didn’t have a direct way to do superscripts.  That makes transcription of older documents difficult, where superscripts are common in abbreviations.  My workaround was to type the word into Microsoft Word and then copy-and-paste it into Evernote, but this was inconvenient.  Another workaround is to use the web version, which has supported superscripts.

Now, though, Evernote for the Mac supports superscripts, and even subscripts.  You can turn letters into superscripts with Cmd-Ctrl-+.  This will make it much easier for me to do transcriptions.

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One Response to Superscripts with Evernote

  1. Nice tip. I use Evernote for genealogy very rarely (perhaps in cases where I have no way to record a detail except via my phone).

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