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Improved CrossOver for running RootsMagic on the Mac

CodeWeavers, who makes the CrossOver program for running Windows programs on the Mac, just came out with version 12.  Of special interest to me was the new Mac Driver feature.  This allows CrossOver to run Windows programs without using the … Continue reading

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More on AncestorSync #ngs2012

Yesterday I mentioned AncestorSync, a way to for different people to synchronize the databases from their genealogy software.  I learned some more about it after writing.  In the initial implementation AncestorSync only works through Geni.  I talked to the nice … Continue reading

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RootsMagic on the Mac with CrossOver Mac 11

I’ve written in the past about my switch from Family Tree Maker on Windows under Parallels to RootsMagic on the Mac using CrossOver.  I’m still happy I switched because I much prefer RootsMagic to FTM and things are faster running … Continue reading

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Ancestry.com Beta Image Viewer now available

Beta Image Viewer now available. Finally, the Ancestry Image viewer is back.  I haven’t been able to use it since Firefox started its version number binge, so it is good to have it back and to have things like the … Continue reading

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